Option 1:  Entry Level Services -$49.99  ( 3 Credit Bureau's / 30 days)


Option 2:  Premium Level Services -$299.99  ( 3 Credit Bureau's / 90 days )

Credit Repair 3K
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The Credit Repair 3K program is very simple and we do our best to guide you through the entire process step by step. We take pride in having competitive rate because we have made it our business to focus more on you and not our fees.

Ready to get started....... Here's everything that we do in a nutshell 

    1.   Review credit restoration contract to make sure that you are ok with our terms and guidelines then execute                agreement and collect monthly or upfront fees for services then we begin.

     2.  Pull Credit Reports from all three credit Bureau's.

      3.    Review your Credit Report and preform a credit analysis. During this segment we get as much information as

           possible from you concerning the accounts that we find in your credit file.

     4.   Design a plan of action using a series of laws, regulations, disputes and years of previous experience with

           other clients. 

     5.   Prepare restoration package to send to your creditors and to the Credit Bureau's for results. 

     6.   Waiting period............... By law each creditor has between 30 to 45 days to review our submissions so at this            point we simply wait.

     7.   Receive results, review credit updates, rework if needed then conclude services.  We guarantee credit                        improvement with all clients so your credit will not be the same as it was before we started or you get a full                refund.